Strategic investments on a private capital basis

Strategic investments on a private capital basis

Innovative companies have less trouble finding private equity.

While the challenges in the area of societal transformation are particularly high due to climate targets, we see other trends very positive, e.g. for the area of ‘re-shoring’. Companies are drawing the consequences from the problems with supply chains and are starting to regionalise production or produce locally or internally again! This results in great growth potential for medium-sized companies!

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Mezzanine financing is a modern and bank-independent form of financing. This type of financing is classified between debt and equity capital (the Italian term “mezzo” means “half”). Mezzanine capital as debt capital must be repaid after a certain contractual period.


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The following statements very much reflect the experiences made by the management and consultants of PTG Solutions Plc, during various integrations and restructurings! If an integration is set up incorrectly, employees and managers are primarily preoccupied with their own concerns, customers are neglected, “chess moves” by competitors are recognised and responded to too late, projects fall by the wayside, set goals are no longer pursued and change initiatives fizzle out!

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The second area of activity of PTG Solutions Plc, is strategic investments. A strategic investment is a dominant or controlling interest of medium to long-term duration where, in contrast to a financial investment, the strategic motives of the investor predominate. Reasons for a strategic investment can be, for example, the generation of inorganic growth or value creation through the expansion of the value chain.


In 2021, around 20.6 percent of private equity-financed companies in Germany achieved a turnover of between 10 and 50 million euros.

In 2021, the volume of private capital deals transacted worldwide amounted to a total of around 186 billion US dollars. In Germany, private capital investments of around 5.8 billion euros were recorded in the same year. The retail and consumer goods sector recorded the largest investment volume

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