Private equity and venture capital are important components of corporate financing.

We continuously analyze the market and the corporate potential of our investments to stay on track even in difficult times.

This asset class has proven its worth even in times of crisis and has generated attractive returns for our investments.

As portfolio companies, we also invest in different stages of a company’s life cycle. This ranges from investing in start-up phases to investing in large, established companies.

In addition, the geographical aspect is also crucial. For example, our focus is on Germany and the neighboring countries of Europe; we invest across countries but not on a global scale.

Since there are a large number of different investment models, we select the most attractive investment models for our investments on an independent basis. Our experts have impressively proven their skills with their many years of experience.

We attach great importance to continuously making attractive investments in order to build up a broadly diversified private equity portfolio over time. Only by continuously investing across different economic cycles can we build a balanced portfolio.

PTG Solutions has access to selected private equity investments.

This is intentionally a partnership for a limited period of time, where we basically expected an above-average return through realized proceeds of sale. We seek out the fastest-growing companies on the market and actively and competently intervene in their strategic growth. In doing so, we can draw on an excellent network and more than 20 years of experience. This network is necessary because attractive medium-sized companies usually do not have their own investment vehicles. In order to ensure the best possible and most efficient access to this asset class, we bundle our investments since the minimum investment required to have an effective say is usually several million euros or USD.