Partner for growth and internationalisation

Partner für Wachstum und Internationalisierung

Growth investments focus on companies with market-ready products and technologies in order to develop them into market leaders in a joint partnership.

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A modern and contemporary “Real Capital Invest” business model

In addition to classic “private capital” investments, in which the investor participates in a managed fund or portfolio, contemporary, secure and success-oriented investment models are emerging on the market within the framework of a “real capital investment”. In this case, the capital participates in the growth and value increase of the management company via a direct participation in the private capital company in the form of  shares or  bonds. Advantages for investors: direct participation in all earnings, distribution of dividends and price increases, tradable if listed on the stock exchange, participation in the increase in value of the company, direct influence via proportional voting rights.

Driven by the boom and the spirit of optimism in the 1990s, the volume of the private capital market in Germany multiplied to 4.5 billion at the turn of the century. In 2020, the investment volume in Germany was 12.5 billion euros and will continue to play an important role in economic development in the future. In the meantime, private equity has become a fixed component of the corporate finance world in Germany.

All private equity companies have one thing in common – they aim to make companies fit for the future and help them achieve a strong market position in the long term.Translation

What are the Megatrends and what role do they play for our future?

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Growth potential Megatrends

Private capital companies usually acquire minority or majority stakes in companies that already have stable cash flows and thus represent lower risk. In addition, private capital companies may use borrowed capital to leverage the capital they have invested.

Ensuring future viability through adaptivity: Adaptability as an important success factor